Small Choices, Big Gains, One Step at a Time

In this episode, I open up about a period in my life when I found myself in a trance, losing trust in my body and mind, and feeling stuck in outdated beliefs. It’s a story of rediscovery, resilience, and the power of taking small steps.

Over the past four to five years, I’ve transitioned from feeling disempowered to empowered, and it wasn’t an overnight change. It happened gradually, one choice at a time. I began by focusing on simple actions like eating clean, moving my body, and improving my sleep. These choices built on each other, creating strength, resilience, and momentum.

I had to remind myself constantly that my body is intelligent, even during the challenging moments. As I worked through brain fog and hormonal changes, I slowly began to wake up and remember who I truly was beneath the symptoms and discomfort.

This episode is a reminder that change takes patience, self-love, and kindness. If I can do it, you can too. Join me as I share the journey of reclaiming my power and embracing the genius within my body, in the hope that it will inspire and warm your heart as well. Remember, one step at a time, my friend – yes, you can.

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Cara Bradley - Motivational Speaker and Author

Cara Bradley

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