Living On The Verge: Do you seriously know how much potential you have?

IMG_7453Yesterday I had lunch at the White Dog Café with a long time student and friend. He asked about my book, On The Verge. I relish in talking about the book as I often surprise myself—yesterday did not disappoint. Here’s what followed:

I see human potential everywhere. I see it in every student who walks into Verge Yoga. I see it on the street, in the WaWa. I see it in you.

Over the past thirty years I’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people. I have witnessed the gamut of transformation from breakdown to breakthrough. What I have seen has nurtured my unshakeable faith in your limitless human potential.

You and me, we are like every one else, capable of showing extraordinary strength and profound tenderness. I am aware of my potential. I am aware of yours. The question is, are you?

I’m at the point where I will no longer contain my enthusiasm about the greatness I see in others—and that, I told my friend, is what my book is about.

On The Verge comes from my deep desire to help you feel fully alive. I am not going to just tell you about it—I want you to feel alive deep down in your bones. My book will explain how to directly experience life beyond your busy mind and above doubt and fear. It’s about participating in your life and discovering your purpose and power. That happens when you wake up and directly experience what it really means to be fully alive in this moment of your life—right here and right now.

Last week I openly stated in my post, Waking Up in Hero’s Pose, that I would no longer hold back my enthusiasm. You see, I really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And, by the way, so do you.

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  1. I so loved this. Yesterday in wall class people were literally jumping up and down clapping for eachother as each person made it into an arm balance we were working on. Julie was there and we were talking last night about how beautiful it was to see everyone embracing eachothers greatness. As though it was their own!! This writing was just that! I loved it!

    “Everything you now know was once unknown” -M.H Clark

    Erica Taxin Bleznak, CYT, CFR Private Yoga & Foot Reflexology 610-324-3139


    1. Erica, Thanks for your comment.Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been let on to a secret and I’ve wanted to scream it in people’s faces. YOU GOT THIS IN A BIG WAY! No more holding back. Let’s celebrate!

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