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Spontaneous Joy and Bruce the Blue Gorilla

Warning: do not try this at home without proper supervision. In my meditation class with Scott McBride I studied the four limitless qualities of the the awakened heart, which includes cultivating joy in one’s life. Joy is a happiness that is completely devoid of clinging and craving. Joy is “happiness without the hangover,” explains teacher

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Against My Maternal Instinct

We quickly hugged and kissed on a narrow sidewalk alongside a busy street in Cusco, Peru. There was only a moment to bid farewell to our 20-year-old daughter Julianna, who is spending 4 months in South America. We savored our last day together with a leisurely hike to an Incan site followed by a long

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Another Perfect Moment

A few weeks ago my daughter Christina, who is a senior in college, stopped home for dinner—with her entire college soccer team. I prepped all day, making yummy food and creating a cozy/homey atmosphere complete with a fire in the fireplace and warm apple cider. The bus pulled up and out they came—all 25 of

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