#23: Radical Shift 2017 part 1

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Did you start the year hoping for big changes? This week Cara shares her intentions to radically shift her life with an inside view of what she’s committed to changing and how she’s going to make them stick. There’s no holding back in this episode as Cara explains the courage and fearlessness needed to make radical changes in your body, relationships, creative endeavors and vocation.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I picked up my knitting needles a few weeks ago, after 20 years away from this calming, creative, meditative hobby. Inspired by the Women’s March and the pussy hats. I don’t know whether this project will be a success, or a failure. I don’t know whether the end product will be something that I’m proud to wear, or I will rip apart because it looks bad, feels bad, or doesn’t fit. I thought about stopping after I had completed about an inch of the hat; after all, my original intent was just to prove to myself that I hadn’t forgotten how to knit. But after completing most of it in a flurry of activity in two days, I know I will finish it. I like the way it looks and if it doesn’t fit, I’ll give it to someone who will be able to wear it. It’s a small change, but a change nonetheless. Something I now do instead of checking Facebook or my emails. And it’s given me the confidence to attempt more meaningful changes. Thanks again!

    1. Post

      Gretchen, This is fabulous — creating for the sake of creating and because it makes us feel awake and alive. Facebook rarely makes us feel alive neither does checking emails or worrying about what we have or don’t have. I love your reminder that in the end if it fits or looks right doesn’t matter. It reminds me of Tibetan monks creating sand art, when they finish they sweep it away. Peace

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