#30: Do 3 Things Really, Really Well

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This week Cara talks about showing up and being fully engaged for exactly what you’re doing right now (and doing it well). She encourages us take on this practice and starting small by focusing on doing just three simply things with a quality of excellence everyday. This includes anything from listening, to cooking or sending a kind email. Being excellent in what may seem to be “small stuff” trains us to be excellent in the supposedly bigger things in life and may fall into three categories: create something, connect with someone, or find a way to contribute to the world.

Mentions and More:
Episode 28 Let’s Optimize Day


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  1. 3C’s(create, connect, contribute) helps me to be fully AWARE and applying them in my life. They teach me the essence of love, kindness and tolerance with myself and others. Doing small things creates an abundance of happiness for others.

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