Your HELL YEAH Wake-Up Call

The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. Lin Yutang I’m still buzzing from a powerful exercise I (sort of) made up last week. I’m calling it “Your HELL YEAH Wake-Up Call” inspired by the bestseller Tools of Titans in which author Tim Ferriss interviews icons, mavericks, and other stellar people about what

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The Joy of Unscheduled White Space

One of the benefits of getting older is being able to predict on Monday morning how I’m likely to feel by Friday afternoon. This crystal ball shows up as my color-coded weekly calendar. The more color on my spreadsheet, the more I need to pay attention. Here’s why: A loaded calendar means more activity and

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My Pivotal “Oprah” Moment

There are moments in life when time stands still, the world seems to pause and everything goes quiet. These moments seem to last forever, for better or worse. You know those big vivid moments, when your world instantly turns upside down, demanding your full attention, and later you seem to remember every sensation. These are

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What’s working and what’s not?

I’m in the process of radically shifting my life. It all started mid-November 2016 and it’s been going strong since. I talked about this big change the podcast episodes: Radical Shift part 1 and part 2. Radically shifting means to get down into the roots of your life and look directly at exactly how we’re

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If you need to solve a problem, go out for a walk.

My philosophy is if you need to solve a problem, go out for a walk. Get some fresh air and clear your mind, and you’re likely to return home with your answer. Move and breathe in rhythm for a prolonged period of time, and you’ll settle down. Move your body in rhythm, and you’ll calm

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The Strange Thing I’m Thankful For This Year

Being a sassy /anti-anything standard kind of gal, I’d like to offer an alternative view on “giving thanks” this Thanksgiving. Instead of the obvious “give thanks for what you have,” I’m looking at it from a different perspective. I’m giving thanks for this year’s “NO’s.” Yep, you read that correctly. I am grateful for the

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What is Your Busy Mind so Busy Doing?

One thing’s for sure, our minds are busy. We are easily distracted from the moment and oftentimes absent all together. It’s okay to admit it. It’s actually liberating. It’s not your fault. We’ve been conditioned to be busy — really busy. We’re taught to do, do, do. We’re not taught how to simply “be.” The

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Finding Time in Silence

Last week I retreated into silence during a few days at Pendle Hill Retreat Center with meditation teachers Scott and Nancy McBride. The power of a few days away is a true gift and I’m grateful for the opportunity to sink into quiet to get clear. I’m inspired to share an excerpt on silence from

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What Truly Matters Most?

I’ve been shifting and sorting through the levels of my psyche, searching for the words to describe the core of what truly matters most to me. To be honest, it’s grueling and often messy work, and not for the faint-hearted. As I wrote about in my last post, “Standing on Shaky Ground,” excavating through the

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Slaying the Dragon: How I Faced My Fear of Heights

I am afraid of heights in wide-open spaces. I can usually deal when I’m standing still, like when I’m in a tall building, but put me in a car that is traversing a mountain and you’ll find me in the back seat with my head between my knees. There’s something about motion and space that

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